More than Massage

You probably know all of the benefits of massage, which is why you have found yourself on this page.

But what if I told you that there is MORE to my treatments than just massage?

The MOTH Method™ takes into account you as a WHOLE person, not just a body. I utilise over 3 decades of Therapeutic experience, drawing on various Massage (Bodywork) Therapies, Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Coaching, Hypnosis and Healthy Living Strategies; interweaved with trauma informed practice.

The MOTH Method™ allows me to bring ALL of my knowledge to the treatment space, to support you in the best way that you need.

Listening: I will take time to give you space to be heard, validated and supported. It helps to know “What has happened to you”, as this usually forms an important piece of your puzzle.

Learning: I assess your needs, from a Mind (Psychological), Body (Physiological), Relationships (Sociological), Place (Environmental), Purpose (Occupational) point of view; no part is left unconsidered. You will also learn about yourself and what is causing you discontent.

Considering: We work out what your priorities are together. Sometimes we will formulate a longer-term plan, but often we need to start from a place of calm, to rebalance your nervous system, so you aren’t in a fight and flight state. Plans can come later once you have clarity of thought.

Treating: You may come with a preconceived idea of what type of bodywork that you would like and I am happy to be led by you. But if you are agreeable, I will use a blend of techniques that will help to reduce pain, discomfort and tension, release emotions and create a deep state of relaxation and calm, so that your nervous system feels safe and your mind feels connected to your body again.

Empowering: You will be empowered through curiosity, advice, strategies and after care, to help you take control of your situation, so you can move forward to live the life you want and deserve.

I can’t make any claims or guarantee how you will feel after your treatment, but this quote from a client sums up her experience:

“Presenting with multiple, seemingly unrelated symptoms, or suffering with chronic invisible illness? This review is possibly for you.
Seven years ago, I had a traumatic experience in a car which seemed to cause multiple puzzling but severe physical and emotional symptoms. I had compartmentalised each and every symptom (persistent dizziness, neck/TMJ pain, heart palpitations, dental problems, agoraphobia, panic disorder, various others) and, being desperate (oh so, so desperate), sought help and treatment for each one individually (bye bye £££££).

As a result of visiting 30+ health professionals across several unrelated departments, I was diagnosed with no less than six different illnesses (TMJD, PPPD, anxiety, PTSD, SVT, OCD). Adding to my confusion, some of my diagnoses were rather unhelpfully admitted to be “wastebasket” – i.e. “we’ve ruled everything else out, so let’s just diagnose you with this”.

This is undoubtedly due to the divisional nature of the British health service, where professionals are solely focussed within their field and seem to have little understanding of how the body/mind functions together as one – as “you”, a complete entity.

Cue Tracey. I must have explained my problems to different professionals hundreds of times, each time to be met with a puzzled look. I felt completely alone. In my first session with Tracey, she gave me the time and space to explain – everything. I was not panicked for time, she did not rush me, she made it clear I was safe.

I felt like she was my friend and I had known her for a very long time. I must have talked for hours, but she listened to every single word I said. And not only that, she understood. She continued to target the TMJ and neck pain I had originally presented with, incorporating a mixture of bodywork including trigger point and fascia massage, as well as breathing and talking therapy.

By the time of our next session, I realised I had no pain. We continued, with Tracey focussing on tense or problematic areas of my body, particularly my neck. One time, I walked out of her space and my chronic dizziness never returned. That was two months ago.

Talking with Tracey, who is warm-hearted and compassionate, as well as clear-eyed and full of practical advice, I gained this bizarre zest for life that I hadn’t experienced in years. I stopped wallowing. I was kinder to myself. I started eating better foods, trying to quit nicotine for the first time, being more mindful of how I am treating my mind and my body.
I feel lighter and happier, and my physical trauma symptoms are dissipating. Wholeheartedly, I recommend Tracey to anybody and everybody. I would particularly recommend her to those that are feeling lost, confused and desperate. You needn’t feel this way – see Tracey as your next port of call. At the very very least, you will be heard.”


How much time should you allocate?

All treatment sessions are two hours. This allows time for you to share your story and difficulties, as well as time for me to assess your needs and carry out your bespoke treatment.

Your investment
120* minutes – £150.00
Or Pre-Pay 4 sessions* £580 (£20 saving)
Or Pre-Pay 12 session Power Pass* £1700 (£100 saving)

Upgrade your session
Take home your bespoke essential oil blend £10
Face and head massage £15

Extra time is available at £37.50 per 30 mins


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*Terms and conditions: The block booking discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or payment plan. All 4 sessions are to be used within 12 weeks. 12 session Power Pass to be used within 10 months.