Therapeutic coaching for women

Finding POWER in the PAUSE

Are you a woman feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost or fearful?

  • Maybe you’re struggling to find clarity in a situation, at work or at home, because your thoughts are on a constant ‘stress loop’?
  • You could be transitioning through Menopause and struggling to come to terms with the changes you are experiencing, whether related to your health, how you feel emotionally. Maybe your relationships are changing, friends don’t understand you, or your nest is now empty?
  • You could be a new parent feeling your way in a sea of overwhelm, struggling to come to terms with the trauma of your birth experience.
  • You may be challenged with a health concern, or your experiences of treatment or surgery may not be as positive as you thought they would be.
  • A past experience may have left you feeling stuck, hurt or traumatised.
  • Maybe you feel like you need someone to talk to that won’t be judgemental and will hold space safely for you?
  • You may feel that counselling or psychotherapy isn’t what you need, but you would like help from someone with a breadth of experience that can draw on psychological approaches and walk alongside you; supporting you in finding your own solutions and strategies, to help you better understand your own mind and body, so that you can think clearly, feel calm, let go of past events and grow into a person that is filled with joy again.

Therapeutic coaching may be the solution you have been looking for

It will help you to:

  • Understand your personal priorities
  • Look deeper inside yourself
  • Connect to your own thoughts and feelings
  • Connect to your body and its emotions
  • Become compassionate towards yourself
  • Understand the root cause of your difficulties

You will learn…

  • How to be more present and mindful
  • Strategies for calming your nervous system
  • Who you really are and what you need
  • How to sit with your thoughts and feelings
  • How to increase your emotional resilience

You will…

  • Have space to be heard and nurtured
  • Have someone to walk alongside you
  • Be supported to take intentional actions
  • Be encouraged to meet your needs
  • Find POWER in the PAUSE

How does Therapeutic coaching do this?

Therapeutic coaching draws on various theories and models to support you and meet you where you are at. As your coach, I will walk alongside you, listening, questioning, and guiding you to connect with yourself using curiosity, so you can find the answers you are looking for.

Everyone has those answers within themselves but it can be hard to find them when you are stuck in a ‘stress loop’, if you are feeling overwhelmed, or have had a traumatic experience.

You are probably going over and over things in your head, trying to resolve the unresolvable. OR your mind has separated itself from the painful experience, as a way to protect itself.

Therapeutic coaching is rooted in models of coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, attachment, polyvagal theory, somatic body work, mindfulness & meditation, cognitive behaviour therapy, mental wellness and it is also trauma-informed.

I will help you to explore your values and beliefs, things that may have happened to you, or current pressures of life, and will support you towards your future happiness.

Strategies and guidance may on occasions be offered, but it is your choice whether to take them on board.

This is all done through a listening lens, where you will feel safe and heard.

YOU take the lead and are in control.

Ultimately, I will help you to connect your mind and body, by finding POWER in the PAUSE.

Who is Therapeutic coaching suitable for?

Anyone who feels that they would benefit from time to process their thoughts, understand their feelings and connect with their bodies. Most women spend a lot of time in their heads and need more than a purely talking approach.

Therapeutic coaching is for you if you want to connect your mind and body, to find the quiet space inside of you by pressing pause, so you can listen, grow and find contentment.

What can Therapeutic coaching help with?

Any situation, difficulty or event that has left you feeling stuck.

This can include birth trauma, overwhelm of becoming a new parent, peri/menopause, losing a job, change of career, feelings of anxiety or low mood, kids leaving home, retirement, grief or loss, health concerns, or fill in your blank ……………

A heart centred trauma sensitive approach to help women heal.

Why work with Tracey?

I’ve been an Occupational Therapist for more than 3 decades, which has given me vast experience of working in a holistic way with the mind and body. I have trained in various bodywork treatments, meditation and remedial hypnosis to help women who are experiencing distress. There is always the option to include any of these treatments during or after your coaching package.


My Therapeutic Women’s Coaching diploma, has drawn together my breadth of experience, as well as developing new skills, so I can provide a much needed service for the female clients I intentionally serve.

How much will Therapeutic coaching cost?

It is recommended that you commit to a block of 60-minute sessions to achieve your goals and maximise outcomes. The longer your block, the more you will achieve! And 12 weeks doesn’t have to be where you stop!

Pre-booking a package secures your regular slot and prioritises you in my diary.

Option 1 ~ 4 session package
Delivered weekly on Zoom, this package gives you the opportunity to work through an issue, reflect, take action and receive support. It allows you to experience therapeutic coaching without a longer commitment and still achieve amazing results.

Cost £75 per session
£300 for 4 sessions BOOK HERE

Option 2 ~ 8 session package
Delivered weekly on Zoom, this package gives you the opportunity to work through more than one issue, reflect, take actions, receive support and better understand your needs and meet your important goals.

Cost £75 per session
£600 for 8 sessions

Option 3 ~ 12 session package
Delivered weekly on Zoom, this package gives you the opportunity to connect deeply, reflect, take actions, receive support and better understand your needs and desires, whilst meeting multiple goals.

Cost £75 per session
£900 for 12 sessions

How do I book?

Payment in full or Payment plans are available. Enquire HERE.

Sessions are via Zoom, so you can be in the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.

If you are local to Whitstable, face to face appointments are available, if preferable, by arrangement.

Once you have expressed interest to start Therapeutic coaching, I will send you a pre-screening form and we can arrange a call, to answer any questions that you may have and make sure you feel comfortable.

I can’t wait to work with you. Let’s empower you to find your Power in the Pause.

Corporate packages

Please contact Tracey by email or book a clarity call HERE to discuss your company’s needs. Cost on application.


I was lucky enough to be one of Tracey’s case studies for her Therapeutic Coaching Course. I had 3 sessions with Tracey, which I thoroughly enjoyed. They were gentle, yet worked on a deep level. Since completing the therapeutic coaching sessions, I have felt a wonderful sense of peace and calm. Tracey has a kind, patient manner, and is able to hold space, allowing you to work as deeply as you need during the coaching sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey and wish her luck in building her coaching practice.


I have just completed three therapeutic coaching sessions with Tracey and they truly have been transformative. Tracey held a safe space for me to explore some issues that were holding me back and not allowing me to be my true self. Her presence was always supportive and encouraging. I particularly liked the use of breathe work for grounding at the start and end of each session. There were some definite lightbulb moments and I have implemented some changes into my daily life now that are serving me so well I feel more positive and less scared around making changes and that is very freeing. Ladies if you are feeling, stuck, lacking motivation to make change then I would highly recommend Tracey and her therapeutic coaching.