Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can assist you after sustaining an accident, illness or disability. I can help you to become more independent in your everyday activities, through problem solving difficulties, advice, strategies, equipment or adaptations/alterations to your work, social or home environment. 

I have 30 years of extensive experience, working with all age groups; particularly with acquired brain injury and complex deteriorating neurological conditions or long standing chronic physical or mental health conditions. 

Having someone to talk to about your problems, with a fresh pair of eyes, a listening ear and knowledge of your condition can be hugely beneficial for lots of reasons.

As an Occupational Therapist I’m trained to analyse an activity, identify where the problem occurs and then devise solutions to help you regain your independence in the task. For example, it could be any task, like brushing your teeth, transferring on and off the toilet, getting dressed, managing your sleep, engaging in social activity, postural management at your desk, or managing stress and anxiety.

I also have experience of supporting clients with successful benefit applications and appeals. Education and advice regarding relaxation techniques and Mindfulness/Meditation can be taught to empower you. Click here for more information. 

I specialise in adapting the home environment, working alongside architects and contractors, to ensure that any changes to your home, meet your needs for the longer term and are carried out to the correct specifications. For example, installation of a wet room shower, widening of door ways, kitchen design, stair lifts or through floor lifts, or even whole house alterations. 

If your home cannot be adapted, I have experience of property finding and identifying suitable properties that will meet your needs. I can liaise with estate agents and support you with the stress of a move. 

If you require support at home, I can work with care agencies to make sure that your needs are met and they fully understand any difficulties that you have and how they can best support you. 

I can also spend time with relatives or friends, to explain how your condition affects you and how they can best assist you. 

I can arrange for assessment of equipment, such as specialist chairs or beds, and work with companies to ensure that you purchase the right item for your long term needs.

If you are undergoing difficulties following an accident, my 15 years of extensive experience in case management, of complex and catastrophic conditions, can be of benefit; working with clients who are going through litigation or have a settled case. Advocacy and support is available for you and your family, to support you through the process and beyond, ensuring your quality life and coordinating your rehabilitation needs. I am registered with The British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers.

Please telephone me to discuss your individual requirements, or to arrange an assessment, in your own home. Most assessments will take 2-3 hours to complete, so that I can take a thorough history, discuss your individual requirements and plan your treatment with you. A full assessment report will be provided.

Assessment – To include a home visit and provision of a report: Please enquire to discuss your needs

 Clinical face to face and non face to face time: £110.00 per hour

Travel – £75.00 per hour plus 45p per mile