I was very fortunate to experience therapeutic coaching with Tracey. She has a lovely, compassionate presence whilst also asking the perfect questions to cut through the stories we tell ourselves and get to the real crux of the issue. She holds space beautifully, giving just the right amount of helpful advice and I would recommend her to anyone who wants coaching with real impact. Thanks Tracey 🙂


I've been struggling with my jaw area for a while. Holding onto stress and emotional trauma. Clenching, grinding my teeth etc. I stumbled across Moth Therapies website and the more I read, the more I wanted to give this alternative therapy a try. I only booked one session to see how i would get on and it was nothing short of fantastic and I dozed off on the couch. Excellent treatment, outstanding knowledge and passion in her expertise and I instantly booked a course of weekly treatments to get on top of my issue. Tracey has parking, a beautiful cabin to practice in with toilet facilities. She is very personable & being non binary, acceptance when meeting new people is always a big thing for me. I whole heartedly recommend making contact and getting booked in. She's lovely and very good at what she does.


Presenting with multiple, seemingly unrelated symptoms, or suffering with chronic invisible illness? This review is possibly for you. Seven years ago, I had a traumatic experience in a car which seemed to cause multiple puzzling but severe physical and emotional symptoms. I had compartmentalised each and every symptom (persistent dizziness, neck/TMJ pain, heart palpatations, dental problems, agoraphobia, panic disorder, various others) and, being desperate (oh so, so desperate), sought help and treatment for each one individually (bye bye £££££). As a result of visiting 30+ health professionals across several unrelated departments, I was diagnosed with no less than six different illnesses (TMJD, PPPD, anxiety, PTSD, SVT, OCD). Adding to my confusion, some of my diagnoses were rather unhelpfully admitted to be "wastebasket" - i.e. "we've ruled everything else out, so let's just diagnose you with this". This is undoubtedly due to the divisional nature of the British health service, where professionals are solely focussed within their field and seem to have little understanding of how the body/mind functions together as one - as "you", a complete entity. Cue Tracey. I must have explained my problems to different professionals hundreds of time, each time to be met with a puzzled look. I felt completely alone. In my first session with Tracey, she gave me the time and space to explain - everything. I was not panicked for time, she did not rush me, she made it clear I was safe. I felt like she was my friend and I had known her for a very long time. I must have talked for hours, but she listened to every single word I said. And not only that, she understood. She continued to target the TMJ and neck pain I had originally presented with, incorporating a mixture of bodywork including trigger point and fascia massage, as well as breathing and talking therapy. By the time of our next session, I realised I had no pain. We continued, with Tracey focussing on tense or problematic areas of my body, particularly my neck. One time, I walked out of her space and my chronic dizziness never returned. That was two months ago. Talking with Tracey, who is warmhearted and compassionate, as well as clear-eyed and full of practical advice, I gained this bizarre zest for life that I hadn't experienced in years. I stopped wallowing. I was kinder to myself. I started eating better foods, trying to quit nicotine for the first time, being more mindful of how I am treating my mind and my body. I feel lighter and happier, and my physical trauma symptoms are dissipating. Wholeheartedly, I recommend Tracey to anybody and everybody. I would particularly recommend her to those that are feeling lost, confused and desperate. You needn't feel this way - see Tracey as your next port of call. At the very very least, you will be heard. Seen for: TMJ Therapy (2023), DSE Assessment (2023) "


I was lucky enough to be one of Tracey's case studies for her Therapeutic Coaching Course. I had 3 sessions with Tracey, which I thoroughly enjoyed. They were gentle, yet worked on a deep level. Since completing the therapeutic coaching sessions, I have felt a wonderful sense of peace and calm. Tracey has a kind, patient manner, and is able to hold space, allowing you to work as deeply as you need during the coaching sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey and wish her luck in building her coaching practice.

Charlie H.

have just completed three therapeutic coaching sessions with Tracey and they truly have been transformative. Tracey held a safe space for me to explore some issues that were holding me back and not allowing me to be my true self. Her presence was always supportive and encouraging. I particularly liked the use of breathe work for grounding at the start and end of each session. There were some definite lightbulb moments and I have implemented some changes into my daily life now that are serving me so well I feel more positive and less scared around making changes and that is very freeing. Ladies if you are feeling, stuck, lacking motivation to make change then I would highly recommend Tracey and her therapeutic coaching.


Oh my! Amazing! I came in feeling a bit broken and came out feeling amazing. What a wonderful place.


I have lived with the pain of migraines for many years, alongside chronic pain due to other health conditions. I try to keep 'chipper' and true to my usual cheerful self, but it's hard when you feel so miserable and in constant pain. I realise I often expect pain, rather than experience it too. My treatment with Tracey has given me a new sense of self and has given me the opportunity to look at things in a different way. I've not had a migraine since my first treatment which is MASSIVE for me, I'm so grateful. My consumption of pain medication has gone down and my ability to move more has gone up - a win win for me. Thank you Tracey.


I wish I knew Tracey when I had my menopause, I was hungry, angry, sad and tired for two years and it took me a year to realise what was actually happening to me! I came across Tracey Allport at my local Women’s Institute in Birchington. When I heard what the subject was – menopause, I thought “I'm way past that, its not relevant to me”, but I went along anyway and I’m so glad I did. The thing that stood out for me, being a meditation and mindful coach is that Tracey is extremely aware of the Mind & Body connection (my ears pricked up when she talked about the Vagus nerve) so few practitioners realise how important this is and I gleaned from her talk that there isn't much she doesn’t know about hormone health. Sadly, I didn’t get to talk to her personally, but she seemed very empathic (well she would because by the sound of it her menopause was rough) which started her on her journey so she is really has got the t-shirt “Been there, done that” – may be she should add “And I sorted it as well”. She seemed a very gentle soul but also a strong sense of her mission to alleviate menopausal suffering – in all its stages. The other stand out bit of advice is that although a lot of the women are past menopause, we can pass on knowledge to younger women who are often, too busy to seek advice or don’t know that its available.


Guest Speaker

At the Women's Institute February meet, we were very lucky to have the lovely Tracey Allport of MOTH Therapies join us to speak about the Menopause. As an evening group member I was particularly interested to hear what Tracey had to say, amid so much celebrity exposure of a once taboo subject. I wanted to hear what Tracey advised as the best way to go amid so many treatment options and what horrors awaited me in the coming years. What she explained was that when it comes to symptom management, no way is the right or wrong way, each person has a unique set of symptoms and circumstances and must explore the options for themselves but be aware of the efficacy of alternative therapies either as alternative to conservative treatment or to be used in tandem with it. The key is to be armed with knowledge of yourself, your symptoms and how you are feeling, learn to slow down for a little while to manage those symptoms, even if it means scaling back your responsibilities or activities. Connect with other women... talk it through....and do not suffer in silence. I was really impressed with Tracey as a guest speaker, she came across well, a natural speaker, experienced in her field, very knowledgeable and friendly. She has a practice at her home in Whitstable where she sees clients to help them through their menopause journey. She is absolutely lovely so if you or anyone you know is suffering and could use some help, signpost them to Tracey. They would be in safe hands.

Natalie Personal Trainer

Hydrotherm massage

Over the years I've had beneficial massages to aid relaxation, from Swedish to Deep Tissue. The hydrotherm massage that Tracey provided, far exceeded these other treatments. Apart from the comfort and perfectly applied pressure within the massage. It's Tracey's warmth, attentiveness and genuine way that make it even better. With choice of oil blend and relaxing music to help switch off from the outside world. I would definitely recommend this treatment.


Meditation classes

Tracey I just wanted to say 'Thank you'. Attending your classes has made such a difference to my stress levels and anxiety, I honestly feel more energised, able to manage and so well supported in the group. I know we often leave late and it puts you behind but I do really appreciate the time you have invested in me and the other group members. What you do is amazing, you are so passionate, empathetic and knowledgeable and I just look forward to each week and what we learn. Thank you for starting to help me make the changes that were long overdue and making us feel so welcome every week. It really has made a difference to me.


Thank you for an amazing massage today Tracey. I can't praise you enough. 100 % recommended xx Update on the back problem I've had issues with; since the two massages you have done, that problem is now sorted. Thanks so much xxx


I would just like to say a big thank you to Tracey Allport for such a relaxing massage today. So relaxing that I actually fell asleep!! I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone. I can't wait to try my aromatherapy oils too.


I had such a wonderful Swedish massage with Tracey earlier this week. Tracey really listens to your expectations of the time with her and blends beautiful natural oils to make the experience even more special. I have already booked my next appointment. Thank you Tracey.


I thoroughly enjoyed a Hydrotherm massage from Tracey recently. I was not sure what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing being massaged whilst lying on my back was. Tracey was able to reach my back, neck and shoulders effortlessly, thanks to the way the warm water in the Hydrotherm cushions works. I would highly recommend it and Tracey is highly skilled in her area of work and very lovely too!


I had a wonderful hydrotherm massage at MOTH therapies today. I found it so easy to relax on the warm water cushions I actually fell asleep! Tracey identified areas of stress and worked on them to bring relief. She used a wonderful blend of oils and the whole experience was a real treat.


Tracey is a fantastic person, and she has fantastic experience. She will start your work and finish your work, in an extremely professional manner. You can ask her about anything, and she would know it; she is well experienced with her work, and she will always be there for you. I knew Tracey before I started University and only two days ago I graduated. I am glad, that I had her support for 4 years. Thank you Tracey.


Tracey as a Neal’s Yard Remedy consultant is outstanding. Any questions you have regarding a product she will seek out to find the answer for you. That’s if she doesn’t know already! She has extensive knowledge of the products and will recommend the right ones for you. Because of Tracey’s perfect matching of products to my specific needs I am feeling the benefits of using Neal’s Yard Remedies products already and will continue to use them. Thank you!


Tracey is an amazing Swedish holistic therapist. She has magic Hands! She starts out with a consultation to get a clear picture of your needs. She’s gracious sensitive and genuine. Whilst mixing up her chosen oils she leaves you to get yourself ready for your treatment. You’ll feel totally at ease straight away keeping your modesty is a main part of her care. She applies the correct amount of pressure throughout asking if you’re happy and ok with it throughout. After your appointment, you will be feeling fabulous and will want to book again!


Tracey Allport as an Occupational Therapist is caring sympathetic and genuinely concerned about your welfare. She doesn’t judge or put you down. She puts you at ease and will make suggestions if, and only if, she feels it will be of some benefit to you. She is trustworthy, so all information is totally confidential. She is thorough and will cover everything that needs covering. She works hard and is not content unless she has put her all into the case. She is outstanding at her job and I highly recommend her.


Best massage I've ever had in this country! I recently had a massage from Tracey and it was amazing; perfect pressure, very relaxing and great for my aching back and shoulders as a new mum. She is also really lovely and makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommended... so much so that I bought two vouchers from her to treat my mum and mother in law for a massage for Mother's Day. Will definitely be going back for more massages too! They were both really looking forward to it... so I hope they book it soon!


I wanted to thank you for introducing the Neal's Yard Remedies Calming Blend Aromatherapy Oil, and the Soto Aroma Diffuser, to my family last year. My son, who has high functioning ASD, has special needs including sensory processing and sensory integration difficulties and has very high levels of anxiety. He also struggles to get off to sleep. Burning the lovely Calming Blend in the Soto which gives off just the right intensity of (changing) colour has been a nightly ritual for him for the past six months and has been both a source of pleasure and calm to him, helping to create just the right atmosphere in his room and to induce sleep. I would recommend these products to all parents with children with similar needs, to help to reduce levels of anxiety. Tracey has always taken and delivered the orders promptly and with a lovely manner. Thank you once again.