TMJ Therapy

Do you experience the following problems?

• Headaches, migraines, sinus pain
• Pain in the face, head or jaw
• Pain in, around or behind the eyes
• Clenching or grinding of the teeth
• Clicking, popping, clunking, or grinding of the jaw
• Your bite feels uncomfortable or off balance
• Jaw lock or subluxation
• Difficulties opening the mouth fully
• Pain or muscle tenderness in the neck, shoulder or back
• Unbalanced pelvis
• Swelling or tenderness on the side of the face
• Snoring or sleep apnoea
• Pain in the ears, stuffiness or itching
• Ringing in the ears or tinnitus
• Vertigo or dizziness
• Visual problems
• Pain in the teeth for no apparent reason

You may not have realised that some of these problems are related to each other.

I’ve found that a lot of the ladies I’ve worked with during pregnancy, postnatally, during peri/menopause, those with hypermobility, or high levels of stress, were experiencing some of the symptoms of TMJ syndrome, and they didn’t know how to make things better. So, I looked for a solution to be able to help my clients to move out of pain and discomfort.

TMJ Therapy ® was the answer and so I have trained in the fully accredited diploma.
(You will find me on the TMJ Therapy ® register HERE.)

What is TMJ ® Therapy?

TMJ refers to the two joints of the jaw (Temporomandibular Joints), one on either side of the face. TMJ disorder (TMJD), or syndrome, refers to a collection of symptoms that can occur when there are issues with one or both joints, or the muscles around the joint, in the head, face, mouth and neck.

Even an imbalance in the pelvis, or trauma in the body, can lead to symptoms of TMJ. This happens because of a system in the body, called fascia, which is an interconnected web of collagen, where restrictions can impact on different areas of the body.

For example, an injury to the knee can create problems higher up the chain of the deep front line of fascia, into the jaw, leading to headaches, facial pain and ringing in the ears. Transversely, TMJ problems can create problems in areas like the hips or feet.

You may have tried everything to solve the problem

• Mouth guard
• Ordinary massage
• Pain killers
• Extensive dental work to try and resolve pain, or to balance the bite
• Manual adjustment to the bite
• Surgery

But have you found that they haven’t helped at all, or they may have even made your problems worse?

How can TMJ Therapy ® help?

Problems with the muscles of the TMJ are very common, leading to pain and dysfunction of the jaw. This pain can be far reaching, impacting on sleep, eating, mood and more!

TMJ Therapy ® is a blended bodywork treatment, that focuses not just on the jaw, but the whole body.

From experience, I’ve seen how clients hold their bodies in patterns that are asymmetrical, leading to pain and discomfort, and cause problems with posture, walking and moving.

This treatment will help to realign the body, release tension, emotional trauma and trigger points, to move you out of pain. It will help your body to relax and reset itself gently and painlessly, using a range of myofascial release, trigger point release, cranial work, stretching and massage of the body, head, neck, face and inside of the mouth.

I also incorporate my many years of experience as a therapist to support you emotionally too, because the body cannot be treated in isolation of the mind.

A thorough history will be taken and time is given to listen to the difficulties that you are experiencing, because TMJ syndrome doesn’t just impact your body; it can increase stress levels, cause depression and low mood, as well as impact your sleep, work and the things you love to do. You may also find that having high stress levels or feeling low emotionally can contribute to tensions in the jaw or other areas of the body.

Rest assured that I am here to support you as a whole person.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone has different needs, but as a guide….

In your first 2 hour appointment we will complete a thorough assessment to identify the difficulties you are experiencing. We will do this through talking and listening, observing and palpating your body in standing, walking and lying. The remaining time will focus on reducing tension, realigning your body and relieving pain.

A treatment plan will be devised for your next treatment sessions.

You will notice a difference after 1 session, but I recommend that you commit to 3 appointments, if possible, at weekly, or fortnightly intervals, to maximise your body’s adjustments and healing.

After session 3, I recommend a review of progress and we decide together how you would like to proceed. You may need a further 1-3 regular treatments to maximise meeting your goals.

Or, you may be able to reduce the frequency of sessions gradually to maintenance appointments, at 3-6 weekly intervals, which will help to maintain the great work that has been completed and to ensure your body remains balanced and pain free.

After all, caring for yourself by giving your mind and body nurturing and time, is essential to maintain your health and wellness long term.

Do I need a TMJ diagnosis?

No absolutely not. If you experience any of the problems listed above, then TMJ therapy ® would benefit you.

Will you diagnose TMJ syndrome?

No, as a therapist I do not provide a diagnosis, this would be done by your dentist. I can however, with your permission, write to your dentist with my clinical findings, to support him in his diagnosis.

This is what clients have said:

“The treatment exceeded my expectations! I expected a little change but have had a huge change. The treatments are gentle which as a hypermobile person suited me. Previous treatments have left me feeling battered and bruised, but this left me feeling relaxed and chilled.”

“I am waking without a headache or jaw ache which means I start my day on a good note rather than popping pills just to get through it. I liked walking before, but I knew there would be pain after walking any distance, but NOT NOW! I feel safe and more confident walking.”

“I enjoyed the treatment very much. Tracey is such a lovely, warm and genuine person. I felt nervous before I went but within minutes I felt safe and listened to. At no point did I feel like I was just a body or a client. Tracey really cares and it shows.”

How much time should you allocate?

All treatment sessions are two hours. This allows time for you to share your story and difficulties, as well as time for me to assess your needs and carry out your bespoke treatment.

Your investment
120* minutes – £150.00
Or Pre-Pay 4 sessions* £580 (£20 saving)
Or Pre-Pay 12 session Power Pass* £1700 (£100 saving)

Upgrade your session
Take home your bespoke essential oil blend £10
Face and head massage £15

Extra time is available at £37.50 per 30 mins

*Terms and conditions: The block booking discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or payment plan. All 4 sessions are to be used within 12 weeks. 12 session Power Pass to be used within 10 months.

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