Scar Tissue Therapy

Do you experience problems with tight, painful or uncomfortable tissues, after undergoing surgery, trauma or injury?

Have you tried other forms of treatment and you don’t feel like it has really helped very much?

Scars unfortunately are like the tip of the iceberg, what you see is just part of the story. Would you believe that a scar in your abdomen could contribute to pain in the back, shoulders or even your jaw?

It is important that your body is assessed as a whole, and your emotional feelings are also considered in the treatment process. As you know, scars impact upon how you feel both physically and psychologically; after all the mind and body are inextricably linked.

Be prepared to feel free of the trauma and hurt, from the events that surrounded how you experienced your scar, in a gentle and supportive way.

Tracey is trained in 3 different types of scar tissue treatment and will create a treatment to suit your particular needs, using McLoughlin scar tissue release ®, Blend scar therapy ®, Burrell Education scar immersion techniques, as well as Aromatherapy.

Tracey will incorporate Myofascial release techniques to facilitate an improvement in posture, breathing and emotional release.

How can scars affect you?

* Restriction in the fascia (the collagen network throughout the body)
* Reduction in lymph and blood flow
* Weakened muscular strength
* Reduces the flow of energy within the body
* Inhibits joint or body movements
* Pain around the scar tissue or random areas of the body
* They may feel or look unpleasant
* They may upset us emotionally, due to the traumatic events that had created them
* You may feel dissociated from that part of your body and feel unable to touch or look at the scar

Scar tissue therapy can help you with:

  • Caesarian section scars
  • Hysterectomy scars
  • Spinal surgery scars
  • Trauma scars
  • Head wound scars
  • Mastectomy and lumpectomy scars
  • Breast augmentation scars
  • Amputation scars
  • Underlying scar tissue from laporoscopic scars
  • Other surgical procedures
  • Burns
  • Skin grafts
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shoulder (rotator cuff) restrictions
  • Torn ligaments and tendons
Scar Tissue Therapy

Tracey has trained in different scar tissue therapy treatment approaches and will create a bespoke treatment to suit your particular needs

What is McLoughlin scar tissue release (MSTR®)?

MSTR, is an innovative, evidence based, pain free, natural method of helping you with scars. Gentle finger tip pressure is applied to the area, to help free the restrictions in the scar and surrounding tissue. The treatment relies on working with you and how you feel throughout the session.


What is Blend Scar Therapy ®?

Blend scar therapy is a combination of musculoskeletal and myofascial techniques, such as cranial techniques, stretching, unwinding, indirect bodywork and gentle direct release of the tissues, with the aim of restoring function and balance to the body.


Burrell Education C-section, Hystorectomy and female abdominal scar immersion

A whole-body approach is used to release restrictions within the myofascial network throughout the body; to create tissue that is able to move with ease, without pain, discomfort or upset.
The aim is for tissues to slide and glide, for you to be able to breathe without restriction and to reconnect with your body again.


How can Aromatherapy help my scar?

Aromatherapy uses essential oils and lipid oils (medicinal plant extracts) to benefit the mind and body. There are oils which have scientifically proven benefits, to aid tissue repair after scarring, or can assist with nerve repair and pain relief. They can also benefit you psychologically in many ways. A scar tissue blend can be created to meet your specific needs, to nurture, moisturise and aid repair.

About your treatment

How many treatments will be required?

One treatment could provide drastic changes to these symptoms and even very old scars can benefit.

It is not possible to be specific about how many treatments you would require. We would work together and ongoing treatment would be guided by you and the improvements that are made.

A course of weekly treatments are recommended to maximise outcomes and improvements.


What to expect from a treatment session?

A full consultation is carried out to discuss the scar, the details around the event that caused the scar and how it affects you.

The consultation is an important part of the treatment process.

Measurements and photographs will be taken (with your permission) to track and evidence changes.

Treatment will then be carried out on areas of the body which may be holding tension, and also directly to the scar tissue, in a gentle and mindful manner. You may experience some movement, sensations, or slight pulling. Feedback is sought continually about how you are feeling and it is important that you do not feel uncomfortable.

The session is completed with a debrief to check how you are feeling emotionally and how the scar tissue now feels.

How long will a session take?

An initial consultation and treatment will usually take 2 hours.  If you have multiple scars it may be necessary to treat one area at a time. I will discuss a treatment plan with you. Your sessions will involve indirect and direct treatment of your body/scar areas. It is important to provide treatment that is relevant to your needs. This may include calming your nervous system, and working away from the scar, before any direct scar work is carried out.

Follow up treatments will usually be 2 hours; we will discuss together what will be best to meet your needs, taking into account psychological, postural, physical and emotional areas that affect you.

Each client is different, so please be flexible with your expectations.


When can I commence treatment?

It is safe to commence treatment 8 weeks after an injury or surgery, when the wound has fully healed.


How many sessions will I need?

Factor in a 3-6 session treatments, but this will vary according to your needs. Some people may require more to achieve their desired outcome and to work through any trauma that they experienced.


How much time should you allocate?

All treatment sessions are two hours. This allows time for you to share your story and difficulties, as well as time for me to assess your needs and carry out your bespoke treatment.

Your investment
120* minutes – £150.00
Or Pre-Pay 4 sessions* £580 (£20 saving)
Or Pre-Pay 12 session Power Pass* £1700 (£100 saving)

Upgrade your session
Take home your bespoke essential oil blend £10
Face and head massage £15

Extra time is available at £37.50 per 30 mins

*Terms and conditions: The block booking discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or payment plan. All 4 sessions are to be used within 12 weeks. 12 session Power Pass to be used within 10 months.

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