The Compassion Circle  – a Women’s Monthly Meet-up in Whitstable

I am excited to create a safe space for women to hang out together, to provide support, nurture and connect with their creativity again.


Because when women are feeling distress, they tend and befriend. This reduces stress hormones and promotes feel good hormones. Women are simply brilliant at building each other up.

I have created a circle of compassion to help you do what you do best….nurture each other.

And through this nurturing, you will also start to build compassionate resilience for yourself.

The Compassion Circle™️, is your chance to STOP and PAUSE, to BREATHE, FEEL and talk about your needs (if you want to).

We will hang out together without a set agenda, because a circle is a collective of equals; you will be taking the lead on the discussions.

Our aims:

PRESS PAUSE to find your POWER by;

  • Sharing and listening to each other
  • Tuning into your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Curiously look at things differently
  • Learning some techniques for grounding, meditation and breathing
  • Learning how to sit with your feelings and not be scared of them
  • Finding ways to manage stress and build resilience
  • Focusing on you, what you believe and desire
  • Building better relationships with friends and family
  • Finding and loving yourself again
  • Creating calm and peace in your life.

WHO: Spaces will be limited to 10.

WHERE: MOTH Therapies HQ, Whitstable.

WHEN: 10.00 – 11.30am on the first Friday of each month.

COST: It’s just £15.00 and includes refreshments.

HOW TO JOIN: Please book your place first, then you’ll be invited to make your purchase. Click the button below to go to my contact page, then scroll to my appointment booking software, select Group sessions – Other Services – Compassion Circle.

It’s a safe space to share, laugh and be present with each other; I’d love for you to join us.