The MOTH Story

My MOTH journey started with my own hormonal health problems that could not be ‘fixed’ through modern medicine.

I had always loved Aromatherapy and over the years had forgotten about the amazing health benefits of essential oils. My doctor had suggested that I look for Complimentary Therapies that would help me and I was fortunate to find a trainee Aromatherapist who needed case study subjects.

Weekly visits to my Aromatherapist started to have a huge impact on my health and well-being and I was able to manage my difficulties through weekly massage sessions, changes in my life style and using essential oils between treatments.

Rediscovering essential oils and the enjoyment of massage sowed a seed for self development and I commenced training in Swedish Holistic Massage. Self development then blossomed into a desire to do more, as I found that my own case study clients were suffering with anxiety, depression, mood and hormonal problems, as well as physical issues. I found that my Occupational Therapy skills were being utilised in conjunction with the massage therapy.

Over the last few years, I have spent so much time learning how to manage perimenopause symptoms and gain control over my life. My experiments led me to train in the therapies that massively helped me, so I could help women in the same boat as myself.

So MOTH Therapies was born

To support perimenopausal women to bust symptoms of hormonal distress, to take control of their minds and bodies, to live again; to bounce into your future, full of energy, hope and empowered to be healthy, balanced and wise.

MOTH Therapies

Why MOTH Therapies?

Moths are beautiful symbolic creatures; starting life as a slow cumbersome caterpillar, turning into a dried up chrysalis, before transforming into a beautiful moth, symbolising new life and hope and being attracted to the light.

What to expect?

When you attend for an appointment, I will spend some time talking to you about your needs, considering your physical, psychological, emotional, social and any beliefs that will help to identify your priorities for treatment.

Listening and getting to know you is very important. Your needs may be simple or complex and they may change each session; either way, I will be encouraging, supportive and non judgemental.

I can use essential oils in your treatments and these are tailored to your specific requirements. I may also offer advice, strategies and home treatment recommendations, using my experience, as an Occupational Therapist, Bodyworker and Therapeutic Coach.

Our values
MOTH initials