Pregnancy Massage

Massage in pregnancy can be hugely beneficial, not only for the mother, but for the unborn baby too.

It is an amazing privilege as a therapist to give a pregnancy massage. Every woman has a different experience of pregnancy and your body changes faster than at any other time in your life.

Relaxing massage can be given from 12 weeks to gestation.

The least compromising and most comfortable way to be massaged during pregnancy, is using the Hydrotherm system lying on warm water filled cushions ergonomically positioned, to suit ALL stages of pregnancy.

It is important to complete a full consultation, prior to treatment, as some conditions in pregnancy, may restrict a massage treatment being given. You may need to consult with your Midwife or GP, to seek permission prior to treatment, if you have any complicating factors or illnesses. I will happily provide you with advice and information, once I am in receipt of your consultation form.

Hydrotherm body massage (from 12 weeks to term) – 120 minutes – £150.00

Upgrade your treatment; add a face/head massage – 135 minutes – £165.00

Take home your aromatherapy blend £10.00

What to expect: 

A consultation form will be emailed to you prior to your appointment; please complete and return, prior to your treatment.

Please allow for a consultation, during your appointment time, prior to commencement of your massage. Understanding your physical and emotional needs is an important part of the treatment.

During a Hydrotherm 3D massage experience, you will be supported ergonomically on warm water filled cushions, with no need for turning, during the treatment. For more information click here.

Some Essential oils can also be used in your treatment, if you desire, to further aid relaxation and well-being. We will choose a perfect blend, to suit your needs, together.

Post-natally, you are welcome to attend for any massage treatment ,with your baby, or bring someone along to give you support. You can always hold your baby during a massage; a Hydrotherm being a perfect way to facilitate this. Hydrotherm can be a perfect way to rebalance and warm the body after birthing.