The Hydrotherm Experience

The Hydrotherm by John Holman, is a system of warm water filled cushions, allowing you to lie supported, in an ergonomic position face up throughout your massage experience.

The system was designed by John Holman and is manufactured in the United Kingdom, to the highest of standards; the material is a closely guarded secret! Electric digitally controlled heat pads, maintain the water at a constant temperature.

MOTH therapies has incorporated Massage, Aromatherapy and Occupational Therapy skills, into providing the ultimate therapy experience.

Once you’ve tried a Hydrotherm massage, you’re unlikely to revert to a standard massage again!

So why choose this system over a standard massage?

If you:

  • Dislike lying on your front, with your face in a breathing hole
  • Find it uncomfortable to lie on your front or side
  • Dislike turning over half way through a massage
  • Feel cold during a standard massage
  • Are pregnant
  • Have large breasts, or have had breast surgery
  • Have had abdominal surgery
  • Have a disability or health condition

Then Hydrotherm Massage would suit you because:

  • Lying on a Hydrotherm system, means you can relax, for the full duration of your treatment, with no turning or side lying
  • It is possible to massage the whole of your body, including your back, neck and shoulders, whilst lying on the Hydrotherm
  • Your body temperature is maintained by the heat of the water filled cushions
  • The heat allows for a deeper reduction of muscular tension and relaxation
  • All shapes, sizes, ages and conditions can be catered for
  • Specialist pregnancy Hydrotherm massage is available
  • Specialist Cancer / life limiting conditions Hydrotherm massage is available

For more an example of a Hydrotherm Massage please watch this video:

A treatment session includes:

Consultation time, to discuss your difficulties and identify treatment priorities.
A choice of essential oils to meet your physical and emotional needs
A full body massage for toe to head relaxation


Upgrade: Take home a blend of your chosen essential oils



Available upgrades:

Add a face and head massage for £15.00, using a blend of oils to suit your skin type; for the ultimate toe to head experience!

Written parental consent is required for 16-18 year olds and a supervising adult needs to be present, for anyone under the age of 16.