Myofascial Release

What is a Myofascial Release?

MFR was developed by John F Barnes over 50 years ago as an innovative, highly effective and long-lasting, whole mind and body approach to treat pain and dysfunction.

It works on the principle of treating the underlying cause and releasing the pressure of the Myofascial restricted system. As opposed to the medical approach, which treats the symptoms caused by the pressure.

Fascia is a complex 3 dimensional collagen network, that is connected throughout the body. Injury, tightness or trauma, can cause problems in other areas of the body that seem unconnected to the original site of injury.

There is increasing research showing that psychological trauma can create illness and unrest in the body, “The body holds the score”.

Myofascial release can help to release held trauma, in a gentle and supportive way, bypassing the need to consciously talk about difficulties, that sometimes you are not even aware of.

What can Myofascial release help?

The aim is to help you return to a pain free, active and and healthy lifestyle.

There are many difficulties which can benefit from MFR:

*Back pain *Headaches *Migraines *Whiplash *Neck pain *Chronic pain *Sciatica *Chronic fatigue syndrome *Long cover *Fibromyalgia *Disc problems *Neurological dysfunction * Scoliosis * Myofascial pain syndrome *Jaw problems *Carpal tunnel *Painful scars *Adhesions *Injuries *Stress *Anxiety *Traumatic birth *Low energy *Difficulties relaxing *Sleep problems *Poor concentration *Trauma *Feeling stuck *Women’s health problems

Essentially MFR is a form of bodywork treatment that connects the mind and body to help you reestablish comfort in your body, release stress, regain freedom and reclaim your life. 

What to expect

We will spend time together discussing your current needs and any difficulties that you may be experiencing. My aim is to provide a safe space, where you can express yourself and be heard.

We may choose essential oils to meet your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Your posture will be assessed to check for asymmetry or patterns of movement that may be contributing to your difficulties.

Gentle but powerful techniques will be used to release restrictions and help you to relax and feel freedom from your difficulties. You may be encouraged to bring your attention to areas of the body to aid with softening and allowing change. Sometimes emotions held in the body may be released. I will support you through the process, so that you feel safe and peaceful.

Your treatment will be completed with targeted massage using your essential oil blend.

How much time should you allocate?

All treatment sessions are two hours. This allows time for you to share your story and difficulties, as well as time for me to assess your needs and carry out your bespoke treatment.

Your investment

120* minutes  –  £150.00

Or Pre-Pay 4 sessions* £580 (£20 saving)

Or Pre-Pay 12 session Power Pass* £1700 (£100 saving)


Upgrade your session 

Take home your bespoke essential oil blend £10

Face and head massage £15

Extra time is available at £37.50 per 30 mins

*Terms and conditions: The block booking discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or payment plan. All 4 sessions are to be used within 12 weeks. 12 session Power Pass to be used within 10 months.

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