The Power of Plants for Perimenopause Class





What we cover in the live Menoclass…..

  • What are essential oils?
  • How do essential oils work?
  • An overview of Perimenopause
  • How can essential oils benefit Perimenopause?
  • How to use essential oils safely to meet your needs
  • Which essential oils will benefit you and why?
  • Where can you buy essential oils?
  • Where can you go for advice?
  • Q and A time

What are the benefits of attending?

You will come away feeling equipped to use essential oils safely, know how to choose essential oils for your own needs and feel empowered, having a tool, that can support you physically and emotionally, so that you can feel on top of the world.

  • Clear brain fog and improve concentration, so that you feel productive and can find those lost words!
  • Improve and balance your mood, so that you have a spring in your step and joy in your heart.
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety, restlessness and nervous tension, so can turn off the worries and mind monkeys.
  • Increase relaxation and calmness; a bit like having your own spa at home.
  • Help manage headaches and migraines, so you don’t have to retreat into a dark room and hide.
  • Sleep like a baby, so you can bounce out of bed in the mornings full of zest for life.
  • Boost your immunity, so that you have energy to feel alive, to take on the challenges of your day.
  • Manage your hot flushes, so you feel more in control of your body and less of a sweaty mess.
  • Improve your libido, so you can feel hot (in the right way) and sexy again!