Baby Massage Course (6 weeks)


Join my 6 week baby massage course and learn lifelong skills

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Are you a new Mummy, looking to make new connections and baby friends for life?

Would you like to be able to get out of the house and spend time with like-minded Mums who understand the challenges of a new baby?

Are you keen to spend quality one to one time with your baby, so you can learn to love and connect with each other on a truly wonderful level?

Would you like some strategies to manage constipation, wind, colic and sniffly noses, to help your baby feel more comfortable and happy?

Is helping your baby to sleep well a priority for you so you can have some time to relax and eat your dinner in peace?

Would you like to learn how baby massage can aid your baby’s development, physically, socially, and cognitively, so that they are stimulated, soothed and settled?

Do you feel the need for some support from a professional and friendly instructor, so you can understand which techniques are safe to do with your baby?

Would you like to have fun in an interactive activity that helps you both to produce feel good hormones and go home feeling relaxed and amazing?

Baby massage is the perfect activity for you to do with your baby and it will help with all of these things and more.


I have a special offer for you: add my special Daddy and Baby Massage Workshop for just £25 (usually £33), saving you £8 and ensuring that you secure a place before it is publicly advertised. (These classes are usually a sell out!)

Click here to book the 6 week course and the discounted Daddy Workshop