Deep Tissue Massage

What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage uses slow, firm strokes and pressure to ease and release tension deep in your muscles, it is a massage technique that works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, concentrating on particular areas, and follows or goes across the fibres of muscles and tendons.

Deep tissue massage is a particularly effective massage for people with muscular pain. It is a blanket term that describes a number of different therapies, and is often used medically by physiotherapists, chiropractors etc.

Deep tissue massage techniques can be incorporated into any massage routine, or given as a stand alone treatment.

What is a deep tissue massage good for?

Deep tissue massage helps to refresh and relax muscles, increasing the blood flow and therefore the oxygen flow around your body. This helps to eliminate toxins in very sore and strained muscles, which helps them to strengthen and heal.

Deep tissue massage is often used to treat people who are recovering from accidents, and for sports injuries, as it increases blood circulation in muscles that are underused, relieves chronic muscle tension throughout the body, and can also break down scar tissue and myofascial trigger points deep in the muscles.

Treatment techniques include:

Neuromuscular techniques

Muscle stretching techniques

Muscle energising techniques

Stretch and release techniques

90* minutes  –   £80.00

120* minutes  –   £110.00

*Please allow approximately 30 minutes of consultation time (online), during the appointment. Essential oils can be included in your treatment, if desired.